Michael Anckaert - Freelance Solution Architect

Michael Anckaert

Hello, my name is Michael and I’m a freelance Solutions Architect.

I focus on helping organizations build better software and IT architecture.

I have over 10 years of experience on the entire software development life-cycle. From product vision, specification, architecture and design to development, implementation, security, QA, release management and maintenance.

I help your company succeed by building a unique strategy, vision and software solution.

How can I help you?

Strategy and Vision

Every organization requires a unique strategy and vision.

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Solution Architecture

As a software expert I understand the impact that technology can have on your business. By translating a unique strategy and vision into a technical product I can help your business achieve it’s full potential!

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Technical Consulting

When you got your roadmap and vision worked out, you need to get the job done. I can help you manage your development teams and train them in best practices such as agile development, cloud native development and lean product development.

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ArticlesHere are some articles I have written that might interest you. Be sure to check out my Blog for more similar content!

  • Why Multi Cloud is a waste of your time and resources

    There has been a lot of talk about Multi Cloud in the past years. The recent launch of Google Anthos has only increased chatter on the topic. In this article I want to share my views on Multi Cloud and why I think it’s a waste of your time and resources. What is Multi Cloud?

  • Secrets Manager: cross account access to secrets

    If you are using AWS Secrets Manager to store secrets then you can now enable cross account access. Store your secrets in a central account dedicated to security and enable safe access to those secrets from your other AWS accounts. Read all about Cross account access to AWS secrets manager with Michael Anckaert.

  • Getting started with Serverless Application Model (SAM)

    In the second part of our series on the Serverless Application Model I will show you how to get started with AWS SAM. Thanks to the Serverless Application Model you can quickly get started and establish a good workflow for developing your serverless applications.

  • Assuming an IAM role using the AWS CLI

    If you’re adhering to best practices when using AWS IAM and working with roles when doing a task in another AWS account then you will have probably used the assume-role functionality. While setting up my AWS CLI to work on an external AWS account I encountered an issue with the external role ARN. When configuring