About me

If you're interested, download my latest CV here.

I have a fancy LinkedIn profile you can check if that's your thing.

Technical skills

If you're interested in my technical skills, you can see the technologies I'm familiar with below. I choose to leave out technologies I'm not very good with but I consider myself an extremely quick learner and so I can pick up any new technologies pretty fast.

Operating systems

Programming languages

I'm very proficient in Python and have a good familiarity with Java. I can write a fair share of C#, C/C++ but I wouldn't consider myself an authority on those languages.

I have a high level overview of programming in and technology stacks surrounding:


My cloud of choice is Amazon Web Services, I'm actually a certified AWS Solution Architect and AWS Developer. Some of the AWS technologies I'm most familiar with are

I am very familiar with various containerization technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Development and Architecture

When it comes to development and software architecture I am well experienced in

Modern Agile Development is best done using Continuous Integration / Deployment, for this I really like using